Top Five Podcasts for Spanish Teachers in 2019

Podcasts are the rage these days, and for good reason. While we love blog posts and books, finding the time to actually sit down and read can be tricky.

Everybody's busy, but podcasts let us squeeze PD into those otherwise mindless moments-- sitting in traffic, folding laundry, the gym. (And hey, maybe make those moments more pleasant!)

Lucky for us Spanish teachers, there are some amazing podcasts out there you won't want to miss. This is your chance to grow and get new ideas, without adding "one more thing" into the schedule.

If you are here looking for podcasts for Spanish learners and/or to improve your own Spanish, you can browse my post on The Best Spanish Podcasts for Learners, for a whole range of suggestions.

Top Five Podcasts for Spanish Teachers

Let's get started! If you have suggestions to add, please let us know in the comments below. 

1. Language Latte

Produced by Becky Morales, Language Latte covers everything related to teaching language. She does an incredible amount of research for each episode, and it's curated to be easy on the ears, with compact, thoughtful discussions.

Topics so far include using novels, the culturally inclusive classroom, IPA's, music, classroom management, and more.

2. Inspired by Proficiency

Inspired by Proficiency is another gold mine of practical and solid advice for language teachers. Ashley Uyaguari hosts the show and has had a great cast of expert interviewees so far, with advice on brain breaks, games, defining comprehensible input, and more.

The site is missing some links, so you may want to go directly to the iTunes page.

3. Talkin' L2 with BVP

For those of you who love the heady, theoretical side of language teaching, Talkin' L2 with BVP is probably your cup of tea. Bill VanPatten is a widely recognized expert on Second Language acquisition and covers topics like acquisition, explicit teaching vs. implicit knowledge, and what communicative teaching and tasks are.

As a busy mom and teacher, I sometimes get impatient with the chattiness, but there's good info here!

4. Radio Ambulante

Created with Spanish speakers in mind, Radio Ambulante is a storytelling podcast that covers topics related to Latin America and the Spanish-speaking population in general.

Definitely add this one to your podcast repertoire if you are trying to keep up your Spanish skills and want some high-interest authentic listening.

5.  Cult of Pedagogy

This is my top pick for general education podcasts, not specific to the language classroom. Jennifer Gonzalez hosts this show, and always has thoughtful content for us as we navigate educational trends, grow professionally, and work to meet our students where they are. 

Topics include classroom management, teaching philosophies and strategies, tech, and more. 

Hope these podcasts for Spanish teachers help you work some easy PD into your week!




  1. One of my favorites is also weteachlang with Stacy Margarita Johnson

  2. Here is a better link for the podcastbif youbarent an iTunes user. Can also search on Spotify and google play. http://inspiredproficiency.libsyn.com/


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